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Disinfection of viruses and bacteria using electrostatic spraying

We are in a difficult time when the whole world is at risk. Our well-being is directly related to our health. Modern life requires modern solutions in the fight against new challenges. Electrostatic atomization – one of the latest cleaning technologies – helps maintain a safe and unpolluted environment.

How will this be useful to you?

Eliminates microflora, which is dangerous for family health, including destroys COVID-19
Means do not harm the health of people and animals, do not damage the environment
Highly effective disinfection method compared to classic methods

How it works?

Using electrostatic spray equipment, cleaners can apply an even layer of disinfectant / disinfectant solution to all surfaces. What distinguishes this application from a standard disinfectant sprayer is that the electrostatic device negatively charges the liquid.

One drop of disinfectant turns into 900 negatively charged drops. When these drops are discharged, they look for positively charged objects and surfaces – basically everything in the room – like a magnet. Therefore, all surfaces receive a uniform disinfectant coating.

Why is it better than classic methods of cleaning and disinfection?

Influenza viruses and other microorganisms are often transmitted from person to person and from surface to surface in the workplace. Disinfectants can help reduce the number of bacteria and viruses by 99.9% within 30 seconds after application. Disinfectants are more intense. They can reduce the level of pathogens by 99.999% within 5-10 minutes after application. However, disinfectant and disinfectant solutions work best, depending on how they are used. Often these solutions must sit on the surface for several minutes before they can effectively get rid of microorganisms. In other cases, these solutions may be needed in larger numbers in order to achieve proper coverage levels.

Electrostatic spraying applies a uniform layer of disinfectant / disinfectant solution to more surfaces in the room. Unfortunately, applications made with trigger sprays or wipes simply cannot cover every nook and cranny of surfaces. In addition, since the disinfectant liquid in the electrostatic device is converted to a larger amount of supercharged droplets that automatically attach to the surfaces, you will use one third of the amount of disinfectant solution compared to using a trigger spray. In addition, electrostatic spraying takes less time and does not linger in the air, reducing local air pollution.

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